Project Planning Documents

This week’s assignment is the planning project document. I have attached my working bibliography to this page.


As I have mentioned in previous posts, this project will employ OHMS to record and index a mock oral history interview. In essence, what I am doing here is building the infrastructure with which to house my oral history interviews that I will conduct in the coming years during my dissertation research. I will also be able to familiarize myself with the various technologies needed to have an online archive of oral histories.

I will use voice changing software and video editing software to anonymize my interviewees as my oral history interviews will likely take place in politically charged contexts. In my bibliography, the Red Hen Lab piece “Anonymizing Audiovisual Data” provides information on how this might be done. I have also included a handful of other online oral history projects that I find inspirational for my own work. One in particular, Goin’ North, makes use of the OHMS software. I have also included projects concerned with Chile, namely Hiner’s piece and Larrando’s mapping project.

Other aspects of the bibliography include methodological aspects of recording oral histories and of text analysis. The latter point relates to my eventual use of coding oral history transcripts and having a searchable database of text that historians can work with. That aspect of the project may be many years down the line, but nevertheless I think that will be an important consideration as my own research develops.

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